Hong Kong is a marvelous city with a unique blend of tastes from all around the world. There is no other city with such a diverse culture within so small area. The diversity enables anyone to fit in quite easily to the local culture. Being extremely vibrant, fast-paced and multicultural, Hong Kong is the birthplace of countless opportunities.

Combination of academic rigor and dedicated faculty members enabled the local universities to climb up the rankings to take their places among the best universities in the world. Not only does Hong Kong attract some of the best faculty members from around the world – offering a highly interactive and collaborative environment – but it also offers the chance to learn directly from the leaders of their fields. Therefore, studying in Hong Kong can be considered luxurious for a lot of people both local and international. This is especially true for international full time students who has to pay for their studies. Cost of living in Hong Kong is among the highest in the world. Nevertheless, there are plenty of scholarships and bursaries available for local and international students.

When the studies start getting to you, you can always take a break from academics and enjoy the natural beauties of Hong Kong within one hour reach from pretty much any corner of the city. Popular hiking trails with breath-taking scenery will enable you to recharge and to reorient in the direction of your life goals.

Excellent transportation system also adds to the appeal of Hong Kong. The subway system is extremely convenient and affordable. Moreover, you can live in Hong Kong if you speak English only. But if you would like to experience the local culture deeper or if you want to step into Mainland China after your studies in Hong Kong you can always choose to learn either Cantonese or Mandarin both which are spoken in Hong Kong. It will be quite difficult to have the best of both worlds in just four years while pursuing your degree so we recommend investing time only in one of them.

It is important to obtain a detailed information about the place where you want to study. This, first of all, helps to become familiar with the place and to prepare accordingly before leaving home. Second, it helps to know about the place when making a decision of whether to choose that particular place. Through this platform, therefore, we as full time students, aim to bring the most relevant and up to date information about being a student in Hong Kong. Since it is a very young project, we are aware that there will be parts where improvements are needed. And we will keep working to bring the most useful information to you, which is our core goal. Also, your invaluable feedback and questions will direct us in the right direction of progress. So always feel free to get in touch for more information and for questions. We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!