The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is the public university which was established in 1937 and granted full university status in 1994. The university’s motto is “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”. The PolyU has its own vision which is “Be a leading university that advances and transfers knowledge, and provides the best holistic education for the benefit of Hong Kong, the nation and the world”. The mission of university: “To pursue impactful research that benefits the world”,” To nurture critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers and socially responsible global citizens” and “To foster a University community in which all members can excel in their aspirations with a strong sense of belonging and pride”.

There are six faculties and two schools at PolyU which are Faculty of Applied Science and Textile, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Construction and Environment, Faculty of Engineering, faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and School of Design, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, respectively.

PolyU has wide range of dedicated research units which contribute to new discoveries from business to industrial solutions and innovations for social benefits.

World Rankings: 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Worldwide Ranking: 

  • 106th in the World according to QS World University Rankings
  • 173th in the World according to Times Higher Education 

QS World University Rankings by Subject:  

  • 3rd in Hospitality & Leisure Management (1st in Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking 
  • 10th in Civil and Structural Engineering 
  • 19th in Architecture
  • 24th in Art & Design 
  • 35th in Nursing 
  • 39th in Business and Management Studies  
  • 40th in Linguistics 
  • 47th in Accounting and Finance 
  • 48th in Social Sciences and Management 
  • 56th in Engineering and Technology 
  • 51-100th in Geography  
  • 51-100th in Statistics and Operational Research 
  • 51-100th in Computer science and Information System 
  • 51-100th in Engineering – Electrical Engineering 
  • 51-100th in Mathematics 
  • 51-100th in Chemistry 
  • 51-100th in Engineering – Mechanical 
  • 115th in Arts and Humanities 
  • 101-150th in Economics and Econometrics  
  • 101-150th in Modern Languages  
  • 101-150th in Engineering – Chemical  
  • 151-200th in Physics and Astronomy 
  • 151-200th in Earth and Marine Sciences
  • 151-200th in English Language and Literature 
  • 185th in Natural Sciences  
  • 201- 250th in Pharmacy and Pharmacology 
  • 251-300th Sociology 
  • 351-400th in Biological Sciences 
  • 380th in Life sciences and Medicine  

The Numbers and Figures 

Number of Students: 

Number of Locals 

Number of Internationals 






No. of Undergraduate students 

No. of Postgraduate students 






Term Dates in 2018-19 

First term 

3 September 2018 (Mon) – 1 December 2018 (Sat) 

Second term 

14 January 2019 (Mon) –  18 April 2019 (Thu) 


Summer session 

27 May 2019 (Mon) – 13 July 2019 (Sat)