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About LU

Lingnan University (formerly called Lingnan College) is the only public liberal arts university in Hong Kong. Lingnan University embraces the vision to excel as an internationally recognised liberal arts university distinguished by outstanding teaching, learning, scholarship and community engagement. Additionally, Lingnan University was selected as one of the “Top 10 Asian Liberal Arts Colleges” by Forbes in 2015.

Lingnan University defines its characteristics as “True to our identity as a liberal arts university, we are characterized by our broad-based curriculum, a fully residential campus, close faculty-student relationship and an emphasis on exchange and extra-curricular learning experiences.” It should also be noted that Lingnan University became the first university in Hong Kong to accomplish the goal of providing 4-year full residence for all undergraduates and currently, 80% Lingnan students are able to go on exchange for a term during their undergraduate study.

Lingnan University has 3 faculties (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Social Sciences), 16 departments and 19 undergraduate degree programmes of a broad range of disciplines in humanities, social sciences and business administrations. Lingnan also offers a great variety of taught masters, research masters and PhD programmes, and there are over 3,000 students in total studying in the small liberal arts university.

World Rankings

Lingnan University’s Worldwide Ranking:

  • 601-650th in the World According to Times Higher Education

QS World University Rankings by Subject:

  • Philosophy: 101-150th
  • English Language and Literature: 201-250th
  • Arts and Humanities: 289th
  • Social Sciences and Management: 400-450th

Internationalization of Lingnan University

Lingnan University describes its international background by saying “We provide students with international exposure, particularly through bilateral cultural exchange. To date, we have more than 190 partner institutions in about 40 countries and over 80% of our undergraduates go on exchange or participate in summer or winter programmes. Half of our faculty have international background while one-seventh of our student population are non-local full-programme or semester-long exchange students. We also enhance our internationalization efforts through collaborative initiatives with other institutions including those of Global Liberal Arts Alliance.”

The Numbers and Figures

Number of Students:

4-Year Undergraduate Degree:

Number of Locals

Number of Internationals





Student Exchange:

Number of students participating in outgoing exchange: 494

Number of students participating in incoming exchange: 271

Number of Exchange Partners: 191

Number of Outbound Students Receiving Scholarships and/or Financial Support: 331

Term Dates in 2018-19

First term 

3 September 2018 (Mon) – 3 December 2018 (Mon) 

Course examinations: 10 December 2018 (Mon) – 21 December 2018 (Fri) 

Second term 

18 January 2019 (Fri) – 2 May 2019 (Thu) 
Course examinations: 9 May 2019 (Thu) – 22 May 2019 (Wed)