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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is a world-class international research university, which was founded in 1991. The mission of the university is to advance knowledge and learning through research and teaching and to assist society’s socio-economic development. In just over two decades, HKUST has risen with incredible speed in the global academic arena and has ranked among elite universities, showing their huge efforts dedicated to research and teaching. The vision of University is to be a leading institution with strong local commitment and significant international impact. The University has strong research culture that nurtures and facilitates innovation and collaboration, which attract some of the brightest minds all over world.

The University consists of four main academic schools, offering programs in science, engineering, business and management, humanities and social science, along with the Interdisciplinary Programs Office, Fok Ying Tung Graduate School and Institute for Public Policy.

Since its establishment, HKUST has consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. It had been ranked No. 1 in Asia for three consecutive years between 2011 and 2013, by the independent regional QS University Rankings: Asia. In addition, it was recognized as one of the fastest growing institutions since ranked No. 1 young university by Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2018 and No. 2 by QS World’s under-50 universities in 2018.

World Rankings

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Worldwide Ranking:

  • 37th in the World According to Times Higher Education
  • 46th in the World According to QS World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings by Subject:

  • 14th in Computer Science and Information Systems 
  • 16th in Accounting and Finance 
  • 16th in Business and Management Studies 
  • 17th in Engineering and Technology 
  • 22nd in Materials Science 
  • 23rd in Chemistry 
  • 23rd in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
  • 24th in Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering 
  • 24th in Social Sciences and Management  
  • 26th in Statistics and Operational Research  
  • 28th in Economics and Econometrics  
  • 30th in Chemical Engineering 
  • 41st in Mathematics 
  • 48th in Natural Sciences 
  • 50-100th in Environmental Studies 
  • 50-100th in Anthropology  
  • 50-100th in Physics & Astronomy  
  • 101-150th in Biological Science  
  • 164th in Arts and Humanities  
  • 151-200th in History 
  • 151-200th in Geography  
  • 151-200th in Earth and Sciences 
  • 251-300th in Education and Training  
  • 330th in Life Science and Medicine

Research Facilities and Achievements

As a university committed to achieving excellence in education and research, HKUST has comprehensive research facilities. It has 9 Centralized Research Facilities and more than 10 School-centered research institutes. Moreover, HKUST has two State-Key Laboratories of China, one on Molecular Neurosciences and the other on Advanced Displays & Optoelectronics Technologies.

HKUST’s research excellence topped the Research Assessment Exercise 2014 in Hong Kong. The University has many world-renowned scholars, such as such as Professor George Smoot, the Nobel Laureate in Physics (2006), Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides, the Nobel Laureate in Economics (2010), and Professor Ching W. Tang, the recipient of the Wolf Prize in Chemistry (2011).

The Numbers and Figures

Number of Students:

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Research Funding:


Funding (HK$M) 

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Term Dates in 2018-19

First term 

3 September 2018 (Mon) – 1 December 2018 (Sat) 

Study break: 3 Dec 2019 (Mon) – 7 Dec 2019 (Fri) 

Winter session  

2 January 2019 (Wed) – 28 January 2019 (Mon) 

Second term 

30 January 2019 (Wed) – 9 May 2019 (Wed) 

Mid-term break: 18 April 2019 (Wed) – 23 April 2019 (Tue) 

Summer session 

17 June 2019 (Mon) – 10 August 2019 (Mon)