Hong Kong Baptist College was founded in 1956 as a post-secondary college by Baptist Convention of Hong Kong. In 1983, it became a fully-funded public tertiary institution and in 1994, Hong Kong Baptist College proudly earned university status and was renamed Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Today, it’s a publicly funded research-intensive liberal arts university that delivers distinctive education to prepare young generation with creative thinking and innovative impulse that the 21st century demand. The university balances academic excellence together with the development of the whole person. HKBU continues to strive for excellence and to make dedicated efforts towards their goal of becoming one of the leading liberal arts university that delivers innovation and social progress. Through a holistic approach to education, HKBU is committed to unleash students’ imagination and to nurture them with desired qualities that are necessary in today’s globalised world. HKBU has comprehensive international learning programme to broaden students’ global outlook and horizons. The vision of university is “To be a leading liberal arts University in Asia for the world delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative and global culture”.

Hong Kong Baptist University encompasses eight Faculties – Arts, Business, Chinese Medicine, Communication, Science, Social Sciences, Visual Arts, and Continuing Education. The university offers a range of undergraduate programmes, associate degree and higher diploma programmes as well as taught postgraduate programmes and research postgraduate programmes leading to the award of master and doctoral degrees. The university has state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories and research infrastructure, well-rounded sports facilities and world-class libraries. HKBU academic staff members come from over 25 different countries and regions, and pioneering programmes such as the International Writers Workshop, the Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop, the European Union Academic Programme and the Consul-General-in-Residence Programme, bring professionals from around the world.

World Rankings: 

Hong Kong Baptist University’s Worldwide Ranking: 

  • 277th in the World according to QS World University Rankings 
  • 401-500th in the World according to Times Higher Education 

QS World University Rankings by Subject:  

  • Communication and Media Studies: 51-100th  
  • Arts: 101-150th 
  • Geography: 151-200th  
  • Mathematics: 151-200th  
  • Philosophy: 151-200th 
  • English Language and Literature: 151-200th 
  • Arts and Humanities: 212th 
  • Environmental Studies: 201-250th  
  • Modern Languages: 201-250th  
  • Social Sciences and Management: 239th 
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology: 251-300th  
  • Computer Science and Information Systems: 251-300th  
  • Education and Training: 251-300th  
  • Chemistry: 251-300th  
  • Business and Management Studies: 251-300th  

Vibrant Campus

Hong Kong Baptist university stretches across five campuses: Ho Sin Hang Campus (1966), Shaw Campus (1995), Baptist University Road Campus (1998), Kai Tak Campus (2005), and Shek Mun Campus (2006) for the College of International Education and the Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School. The first three campuses are located in the urban heart of Kowloon Tong, while the Kai Tak Campus is located on Kwun Tong Road and the Shek Mun Campus in Sha Tin.

HKBU has state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories and research infrastructure, world-class libraries, and well-rounded sports facilities. The university has world-class libraries such as the seven-floor main library, the Dr Stephen Riady Chinese Medicine Library and the European Documentation Centre. HKBU also has well-rounded sports facilities that encompass a swimming pool; two multipurpose gymnasium; tennis and squash courts; two multipurpose sports halls for ball and racquet games and a full-size outdoor athletics stadium and soccer pitch.

HKBU has been the first institution to initiate a low-carbon campus since 2009. The university is dedicated to build a sustainable low-carbon campus and to encourage an environmentally conscious culture within the university community.

The Numbers and Figures 

Number of Students: 

4-Year Undergraduate Degree: 

Number of Locals 

Number of Internationals 






Total number of scholarships for students in various disciplines of study: 1,700 

Total amount of scholarships: HK$38 million.

Term Dates in 2018-19 

First term 

1 September 2018 (Sat) – 4 December 2018 (Sat) 

Second term 

14 January 2019 (Mon) – 27 April 2019 (Sat) 

Summer session 

4 July 2019 (Thu) – 30 July 2019 (Tue)