My Experience with Host Family Programmes

In Hong Kong, some universities have Host Family Programme including The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a first-year student, I was able to join this programme and it was a great experience as a freshman. In this post, I will share about Host Family Programme and my experience.

What is CUHK Host Family Programme?

Host Family Programme is a programme which aims to help international students’ adaptation to the new environment and connect cultural bonds between them and local CUHK staff and students. Each host family is expected to initiate at least two activities for their students during the participating academic year. The activities can come in all shapes and sizes, be they holiday or family meals, festival celebrations, visits or outings. And also, a subsidy is also available for each activity organized.

Who are the student participants?

Any non-local undergraduate new student who would like to socialize with local families and to enrich his/her learning experience in Hong Kong and is willing to join the gatherings organized by their host families.

What are the commitments of the student participants ?

Students are not required to pay any fee for receiving the host families’ hospitality. However, they are expected to be responsive to families’ invitations to events and initiatives in social interactions and participate actively in the gatherings organized by the host families. At least two gatherings are arranged by families during the programme period. Students are also encouraged to actively initiate social interactions with the families and maintain a good relationship with the family.

The Central Police Station,

My host was Professor Stung Fung and Director of the MPhil-PhD programme in the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We had two gatherings together. This gathering was a really great activity as a fresh student and I have learned a lot about Hong Kong’s architecture and its history. After having dinner, we have visited some historical buildings that have an important place in Hong Kong’s architectural history. Overall, I have learned a lot from my host family about local culture and local history. I would recommend you also to join this programme.

Written by: Nasimjon M. ????????

A 3rd-year Systems Engineering and Engineering Management student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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