How to find internships in Hong Kong as a Computer Science student

Finding internships in Hong Kong may be a bit of a hustle for lots of students and hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a clearer picture of how to find your spot in one of the companies operating in Hong Kong.

Plan Ahead

To find an internship you should be having a skill set that makes you suitable for the position. You build your skills yourself by using online resources or by taking some courses at your university. The first option is great but it need s lot of discipline as learning online is not that easy. Therefore I prefer the second option which is taking some important courses in university as soon as possible. As university courses affect your GPA, you probably will find it easier to focus while studying and you have plenty of support from your Professor and Teaching Assistants. 

So what kind of courses should you take? Consider taking project-oriented courses so that you could show your work to employers. Usually, courses of the first two years of university curriculum are not project-oriented thus you should not rely on your pre-assigned courses. Consider taking courses related to web development, mobile development, or anything that you are interested in. Just taking only one project-oriented course can help you a lot. As usually in the first-year students have to adapt to Hong Kong and university life, it is not recommended to take those aforementioned courses at that stage. The first term of the second year is a good time to start.

After building a successful project (hopefully) you should check out the job portals available to you such as (with no particular order):

You can start applying in January but note that there are usually Career Fairs held during the Spring so you still have some time to enhance your CV, build a better project or practice for interviews. Apply to as many positions as you can and note that you don’t have to have all the skills that are mentioned on the job posting. Just make sure that you are familiar with some of the important tech stacks that are mentioned.

Note: I won’t be talking about how you should perform in your interviews as this post is made just to give you an overview of the processes that you will/should be going through. There are plenty of resources online for interview tips. 

You got your offer, now what?

Obviously do your best during your internship and learn new technologies. This will help you in your future applications for larger companies. 


Most large organizations such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs require their internship applicants to be in their third year of study. They don’t have requirements about prior work experience but having done an internship is still a plus as their interviews may contain questions about prior teamwork. If you aim to get an internship in large companies you have to start applying on Fall term (during September-October) for the summer positions. Apply to as many companies as you can as you will at least have an interview experience even if you won’t get an offer. 

The hiring process for large companies usually has several stages of interviews and assessments about which you can also find online (eg. Glassdoor).

I hope this article makes the internship finding journey clearer and a bit easier for the reader. 

Written by: Rustami U. ????????

A 3rd-year Computer Science student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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