Transferring courses taken in other universities to Hong Kong Universities

Course transfer is possible from other universities (well-known universities) to HK universities.  In my case, I transferred courses from Bilkent University (Turkey) to The Chinese University of HK (CUHK). For a course to be transferred these criteria should hold:

  1. Contents of courses, the one which you want to transfer and the one you want to transfer for should be the same. ( 80-90% in social science or language courses; in science and engineering cases ~100%). You do not need hardcopy of the of the syllabus. E-format will suffice. Multiple courses from another university can be used to transfer for one specific course in CUHK if one course is not sufficient.
  2. You grade should be min (~ B-). (I have not tried below that)
  3. You cannot apply one course to two different departments (e.g. you cannot apply a math course to both physics and math department courses even content requirements are met)
Sample Transcript (Source)

 Course transfer takes a long time. If you apply for multiple course exemption from the same department it will take a longer time because results of course transfer will not be announced until all courses from the same department are finished. The duration of course transfer can be as long as 2 months. So, if you want to take upper-level courses which have prerequisites you need to contact professors and assure them you know and meet prerequisites. Some courses/professors may require you to take an exam as a form of reassurance while others just showing course outline/syllabus of the similar course you have taken in the previous university may be enough. Therefore, one needs to act before course transfer results are released.

There is no upper limit for transferring courses. (I did 52 credits). However, one needs to take 2/3 of the major courses in CUHK and 70 credits in total(In CUHK students have to take 123 credits to graduate, a student must take 72 of those credits in CUHK). If you wish to apply for exchange you still need to take 2/3 of the major courses in CUHK and 72 credits in total in CUHK campus.

And finally, grades of the courses taken before will not be transferred. Instead, the “T” letter will be given which stands for Transferred.

Written by: Ismoil O. ????????

A 3rd-year Physics student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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